Friday, February 10, 2012

My Early Morning Mews

The other day a friend of mine asked me about my morning writing routine. I explained that it was really boring but she insisted that I tell her all the tiny details.

So here it is ... I set my alarm for 5:15 AM. (It will be moved to 4:15 AM next month as I get closer to my mid-April deadline). I don't have any problem getting up at all mainly because I used to keep horses when I was a teenager and was always getting up early. In those days my alarm clock was the old-fashioned clanging bell variety that used to throw me out of bed in a state of numb shock. At least now my BlackBerry alarm is a gentle ocean sound that slowly gets louder. Usually I'm awake before the alarm and find I am already thinking about my plot.

Next, I throw on my old green sweater on top of my pajamas. It's my lucky writing sweater and full of holes but I don't care. I add thick socks and fingerless gloves and creep out of our bedroom to Mr. Tig's (the cat) "room." It's actually my husband's office but has been officially taken over by the real man of the house. Mr. Tig is a notoriously light sleeper and at the first sound of me stirring, he's waiting by the door grumbling and complaining as usual. I know it's cruel to keep him closed in at night but he's impossible to sleep with and believe me, my husband and I have tried.

Mr. Tig and I pad into the kitchen where I give him his breakfast, take my supplements (I told you this is boring) and make a cup of coffee. A few months ago Nikki Bonanni who runs The Killer Coffee Club suggested I buy a Keurig coffee maker, a classy Krupps coffee grinder and reusable K-cups. The K-cups are perfect to satisfy my early morning coffee addiction - fresh every time! I'm very particular about my coffee. French Roast is my favorite.

THEN Mr. Tig and I go to The Rug. This is his very own rug (torn to shreds) that the lovely Joanne O'Brien who runs Sittin' Kitty in Los Angeles had to give him after his last stay with her. I brandish The Love Glove and give Mr. Tig some serious loving for about ten minutes.

Mr. Tig and I then retire to our pretty yellow love seat where I sit with my laptop and he snuggles next to me kneading a scrap of sheep fleece from Yorkshire. I write for a good two hours before jumping into the shower and going to work.

And that's my morning routine. I really couldn't do it without coffee or my cat. 

And this is why we do not sleep with Mr. Tig. Remember to turn up the sound.