Thursday, October 7, 2010

Too Busy to Blog

Yes, I'm alive and well but too busy to blog. My day job at Davis Elen Advertising has become insane these past two weeks. I have my typeset pages for THIEVES! to send off tomorrow; I'm finishing up a proposal for a new series --- and there is a sudden deluge of work to be done for Sisters in Crime AND the California Crime Writers Conference 

Any suggestions on how to balance all these things— other than a stiff martini—are gratefully received.


  1. Balance tasks you ask? If the goal is handling multiple tasks proficiently and accurately? That is a tough one.

    BUT if you want hosed up performance-poor results-dubious research resulting in inaccurate information...........Outsource. Muqbar and his endless extended family always available. And the results are guaranteed. To be a complete failure.

    Back at ya,

  2. Ha ha ha !! Love that Susan ... ACTUALLY ... there is a virtual assistant website called My Man In India ... it's rumored to be quite good. Maybe I should check that out?