Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Royal Wedding

As a true monarchist and lover of all things Royal (yes, I know, some members of the Royal Family leave a lot to be desired) - I was thrilled to hear about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton today.  Our family are die hard Royals. As a teenager, Dad's favorite program was Til Death Us Do Part so the fact that Kate is a "commoner" is not going down well. It's rather like being a Muggle at Hogwarts.

I also got a bit choked up about Prince William giving his beloved Princess Diana's engagement ring and saying that it was his way of including his mum in their happiness. Then ... someone at the office said that was a bit creepy. 
I don't think so. My own wedding band is vintage - worn by a happy couple who got married in 1929. Hopefully they lived long, joyful lives - it's certainly brought me great happiness. So far. 
Even so, I don't know if the British people will embrace this royal wedding with as much enthusiasm as Princess Diana's and good old Fergie. Those were the days ...

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