Friday, April 8, 2011

March Winner Announced!

The correct answer for the March Guessing Game's question "Where is The Nobody Inn?" is ... Doddiscombleigh.

Doddiscombleigh is a tiny hamlet to the southwest of Exeter. It was first mentioned in "Expose!" when Vicky Hill set off for The Nobody Inn to meet Dave Randall who was drowning his sorrows in drink. It took Vicky Hill 3 hours to find this remote location in my book and it took me 3 hours to find it in real life, too! Although I'm notorious for getting lost (just ask my husband), the country lanes in Devon rarely  have signposts - or if they do, they aren't very helpful.
Here is a photo of a typical Devon country road.

There were quite a few eager souls anxious to win a British prize so I had to use the Violet Cottage Random Number generator (I have no idea why it has such a great name) to select the "random number."
DRU is the winner! Congratulations Dru. Please send me an email with your address.

Must go and make myself a cup of tea. It's gone 4 pm.

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