Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scam me Once ...

Gosh. I can't believe it's been over a month since I wrote on my blog. I certainly  haven't been idle. My daughter came to stay for 2 glorious weeks and then I started writing a brand new mystery series for Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's. There has been the usual office drama, too.

However, I felt compelled to blog today because I seem to be a scam magnet. Only last Sunday, as I was filling up my car with petrol, I was attracted by one of those bright canopy tent things pitched on a street corner announcing fabulous 820-1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet sets for sale at the unbeatable price of $20 per set!

Cautious as ever (but clearly not that cautious), I chatted to the very cute blond (who asked me if I was a Buddhist) and suggested I touch these super-soft beautiful sheets by J. Sanders. They were soft. Very soft. And yes, I came away $44 dollars lighter - 2 sets plus a service fee - but thinking I had a bargain.

To be honest, I wasn't that surprised to discover later that the sheets were a piece of crap. Sorry - but they were. I pulled them out of the packet to wash them and the instructions said "wash only in cold water" and "do not iron" and jeez .... I could see my hand through the fabric. Arrgh ... so I googled J. Sanders scam and of course I had been fooled. The small print on the packaging said "as soft as Eyptian cotton sheets."

So I'm older and wiser and I have decided to stick to the linen sheets my mother gave me that her mother gave her. Believe it or not, mum's old sheets were not Made in China.

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  1. I am writing out of concern from all the negative comments about the JSanders sheet collection. It is amazing to me how many people really DO NOT read packages before making a purchase. I am approaching this from the stand point of a consumer as well as a person who often works for vendors. As a consumer, I read what is on the package of items before I purchase them. I open packages and do the feel, smell, etc. tests. It's my responsibility to know the facts before I purchase something. Not just taking someones word. I too have purchased the J Sanders sheets. The package clearly states they are as soft as 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets. There is nothing misleading about that. Working in the marketing department of a company, I understand the marketing of products. The soft as is in a much smaller print than the 100% Egyptian Cotton, but it is still there. Its no different than a comercial that tells you they offer 100% financing and at the end in a quick statement they say on approved credit. Its all a part of marketing. Based upon my experience, these sheets are as soft as Egyptian Cotton sheets. I have had them for two years. The colors have not faded nor have they ripped or fallen apart. Therefore the $45 I paid for a set of 1500 thread count sheets was well worth it. We buy knock of tennis shoes, or other name brand items like jeans, etc and have no issue. All this hoopla about the sheets being a scam is crazy if you ask me. You get what you pay for. Yes they are thinner but just as nice and colorful. What about those people who cannot afford to pay the high price of the real thing? There has to be some option for them to enjoy somewhat of the finer things in life. May I suggest, be honest with yourself and others. You thought something was too good to be true but bought it anyway before reading the fine print. You got home and were upset because it was not the real thing. If it feels to good to be true, it usually is. At that moment is the time to leave the item on the shelf. Dont bad mouth the product becuase I am certain none of you have actually tried it. You opened it and that was the end of it. Try sleeping on a set, wash them and then make your comments based upon facts. The company did not scam you as they do not lie on their package. The vendors are not scamming you. The only one scamming you is you since you fail to read the fine print. Give this brand and any other brand a break. Everyone cannot afford Calvin Klein, someone has to cater to them.