Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Ongoing Saga of Mr. Tig

There is nothing more startling than being woken up by an earthquake at 5 am. I hate the things and still can't get used to them. Even though it was tiny and somewhere out in the Pacific off San Pedro (I believe) - it sends my heart racing and it's impossible to go back to sleep.

Sunday morning is my one day for sleeping in. That means getting up at 6.30. So I just tossed and turned, worrying about Mr. Tig and his recurring feline herpes problem that has really flared up. Following his miraculous recovery in August from a dicey liver complaint, we returned from our vacation to discover an ulcer on his eyeball. Now there are 3. I tried eye drops and they seem to make it worse. I'm putting off taking him to the opthamologist because years ago, I was warned he might have to have one of his eyes OUT! Mr. Tig is still in good spirits and can see well enough to play with his plastic rubber duck collection.

I'm a great believer in homeopathic remedies and Jennifer from Healing Waters in Los Angeles referred me to Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection. Last night I received two bottles of remedies - "Breathe" and "Outburst" liquid essences that are put in water, on his paw pads or rubbed behind his ears. We'll know in a day or so if it is working. Will keep you posted!

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