Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Curious Kind of Scam

About a month ago, as my sister and I were walking back to our car in the Wholefoods parking lot on 3rd Street, a woman asked for help. Apparently she was an Elementary school teacher and had car problems. She offered me $5 for my Triple A membership card so she could "call the breakdown service."

My husband is notoriously suspicious of everyone (he has a vivid imagination - oh wait, he's a writer, too). He shreds every scrap of paper that ever crosses his path and is obsessed with the prospect of having his identity stolen. Knowing he'd freak out, I said "sorry no." But - I felt terrible. Especially when it began to rain.

Last week I was shopping in Ralphs downtown and the same woman approached me! I couldn't believe it! This time she offered $60 for my Triple A membership card. This store is 9 miles from Wholefoods! She obviously has some kind of scam going. I pointed out that she'd already "asked me" and she scurried off.

I'm more annoyed by the fact that I wasted all that energy feeling guilty the first time. So for you gullible people out there - beware! On this occasion (just this one), it would seem my husband is right.


  1. That does sound like a scam. It is ashame we have to be so leary of people because you just never know. I wonder what she would have done with the information she got off your card. Scary to think.

  2. Hi Amy ... you are right! It's no wonder that the days of being a Good Samaritan have gone. I think she could get my birthday and possibly social security number? She must have been having some luck though as she'd raised the price from $5 to $60! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sometimes you want to be nice but that doubt lingers.

  4. Hi Dru - Perhaps it's an instinct ... if I see her again however .... :)