Thursday, June 17, 2010

Go Lakers!

Tonight the Lakers meet the Celtics in the finals of the NBA.
There are certain perks to working for an advertising agency in Los Angeles that I often forget about ... until the play-offs come around. Our company has a suite at the Staples Center and it's not unusual for me to suddenly become more popular than the Queen of England at this time of year. I had never watched a basketball game until I moved here. It was the first year the Lakers won the NBA and our high-rise office over-looked the victory parade making it the perfect location for Fox News to lurk with their cameras. To my acute embarrassment, I was interviewed "live" - not knowing a) any of the players or b) anything about the game. I managed to bluff my way through using grand words like "jubilation" and "frightfully exciting" (my British accent seemed to revert to Colonial English). They ran the interview too - which just goes to prove that you shouldn't believe anything you hear on television.

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