Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love Libraries!

One of the things I have rediscovered since becoming a published author, is a real passion for libraries. Despite the Internet, e-books, Amazon—you name it—libraries are still very much going strong. Some of my most memorable and fun book events have been in libraries. Only last night I joined the wonderful Harley Jane Kozak and Ashley Ream  at the beautiful Redondo Beach Library- the topic - Comedy That Kills! 
Even though most authors hold down day jobs, writing is a lonely labor of love. When readers make an effort to spend an evening with us, you have no idea how happy we are! 
Support your local libraries, folks! You'd be amazed at what other delights are in store that have nothing to do with books. My local library—the Los Angeles Library Memorial Branch has free Yoga open to all every Saturday, a knitting circle and a film club. To find YOUR local library check out the American Library Association or better still, become A Friend!

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