Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Warts and All!

It's Wednesday! It's Barbara's postbag!

Dear Barbara,
I've just met this really nice man. We've been on three dates and I want him to meet my family. This weekend is my parent's wedding anniversary and my sister is having a party. The problem is that my parents argue a lot and mom has a terrible temper. Last time the buffet ended up in the pool. Should I invite him?
Worried, Glendale

Barbara says: You are quite right to be cautious, Patsy dear. In the early stages of a relationship, exposing your man to marital struggles is a recipe for disaster. Lets not forget that many men believe their women turn into their mothers! Wait until you've had twelve dates and then, invite your mother over alone for tea—a nice Victoria Sponge is always perfect for such an occasion. By that time he will be suitably enamored and will love you, warts and all.

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