Monday, December 27, 2010

Greetings from Snowy England

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! and all those good things ---

At last ... I have Internet access - albeit for just a few moments to catch up on my emails etc.
This is a quick post to wish everyone a wonderful New Year ... just in case I don't get another opportunity as my mother's house is in the wilds of Devon and does not have the Internet. However, it does have running water (just kidding). We also have a tame robin ... my favorite British bird.

We finally arrived in the small hamlet of Harberton on Christmas Eve - six days later than planned. Twice, our Virgin Atlantic flight was cancelled - but we were luckier than many stranded passengers. We only live half an hour from LAX (Los Angeles) airport so no nights spent in airport terminals.

Here in Devon, the snow is still heavy on the ground with more to come. Despite being cold, we ventured into Totnes yesterday to watch the Dartington Morris men trip the light fantastic in freezing conditions. Tonight, we're heading to the local theatre to watch CINDERELLA - my husband's introduction to the classic British pantomime (oh yes it is).

All in all - so far so good! And now ... it's time for a glass of Sloe Gin.

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