Saturday, January 15, 2011

Faye Dunaway and Mr. Tig

I had a huge surprise this morning.

My husband Jason has found a potential wife for our cat, Mr. Tig.

It's no secret among family and friends that Jason is really a dog lover. He's slowly grown to accept (and respect) Mr. Tig my high maintenance cat who was in my life well before Jason was.

Mr. Tig - now a feisty 14 - has become increasingly needy. He misses little Calico, the dearest sweetest little thing ever who moved with me from England and passed away five years ago.

Jason was adamant that we were not going to get another cat so this is BIG NEWS. Of course, we'd love a dog but with our long working hours and living in a city, it wouldn't be fair.

It turns out Jason's spinning instructor at Up Dog Fitness (great name, yes?) supports an
adoption center in West Hollywood called Molly's Mutts and Miaows. It's a really cool shelter and honestly, when I watched the video of Faye Dunaway, I fell in love with her too.

However ... there is one final step. I must consult Ben Scuglia, our cat psychic first to see what Mr. Tig thinks! Yes! I hear the groans and cries of "Hannah's turned Californian!" but believe me, Ben's insights into the workings of Mr. Tig's mind improved our marriage ...

Photo: Mr. Tig and Calico enjoying sashimi ... a special treat (which sent the Japanese chef into shock when we ordered "something to go" for our cats).

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