Saturday, January 8, 2011

McVities Digestive Biscuits!

Today is my launch party at the wonderful Mystery Bookstore in Westwood, California. I hope people come! One never knows!

My husband Jason helped create a fun British Trivia quiz for the occasion. I brought back some great British prizes for the raffle—making sure nothing was Made In China (of course). I also brought back a wonderful hamper that was given to us by my nephew, James and his new bride, Sarah. The hamper contained my husband's favorite digestive biscuits so you can imagine my surprise when Jason sheepishly said he couldn't eat them.

This is big news.

My husband is a night-time snacker. He sometimes has a "triple" snack - meaning he'll snack three times. It's an endearing habit and since he keeps fit and trim, he can snack all he wants. So why not the digestives? "Because they've been through the X-Ray machine."

I know Jason when he has a bee in his bonnet about chemicals in the home - we don't have a microwave etc. so I did some serious research. According to the Health Physics Society, there are no short or long-term effects whatsoever to passing food through an airport screening machine even if this went on every day for twenty-five years (have they really done that research?)

The thing is, I really love digestive biscuits ... would it be wrong to keep to keep my findings to myself?


  1. Oh the dilemma! Life is too short to miss out on what you enjoy but then they are so good, taste one then it could turn into two ....

    A case of being cruel to be kind. I'd vote No! Is that just TOO cruel?

  2. He was quite surprised and happy when I agreed with his fears ... excellent advice Linn!